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One Top Medical Systems Resources

One Top Medical Systems Resources, formerly One Top Systems Resources, is a health and safety oriented company which aims to provide the most advanced and innovative technologies related to its industry in the Philippines. We concentrate our resources on two main tiers, health technology and safety systems.

Our Health Technologies include diagnostic medical equipment, rapid testing devices and people oriented emergency equipment.

Our safety systems are always at par with technologies available to modern countries around the world. We provide our clients with reliable solutions, oriented towards personal safety in the world’s harshest environments.

The company was founded in early 2010 with the vision of providing quality medical products and advanced health solutions to better the well-being of Filipinos.

Core Values

In our drive towards our vision, we at One Top Medical Systems Resources uphold the following core values.
These values epitomize the essence of who we are, what we do and what we believe.

Open Mindedness

Mutual Respect
Service Excellence
Result Oriented

To continuously provide state-of-the-art medical equipment and innovative healthcare solutions to help improve the health and welfare of the Filipino people.


To become the leading provider of innovative healthcare products and solutions in the country by year 2025.

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